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2009年1月29日 星期四

NCKU Outstanding International Student Scholarship

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) was founded in 1931. It is located in the historical city of
Tainan. It is a leading comprehensive university in Taiwan with more than eighty departments in nine
colleges: Bioscience & Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering, Liberal
Arts, Management, Medicine, Planning and Design, Sciences, and Social Sciences. To know more about
NCKU please visit our website http://www.ncku.edu.tw/en

In October 2005, the Ministry of Education of Taiwan (R.O.C.) selected NCKU one of the two target
universities to receive extra funds for “moving toward a world-class university”. The NCKU graduates
have been voted “the most welcomed graduates for enterprises” since 1993.

The University provides on campus accommodation, Tutoring Assistant Program and NCKU Outstanding
International Student Scholarship to encourage international students in the endeavors. NCKU is also
affiliated with the Chinese Language Center (CLC) and the university provides free Chinese language
courses for international students. For more information about the CLC, please visit:
Besides Fall Semester application, NCKU is one of the few universities in Taiwan to accept international
students for the Spring Term Semester. The prospective students may always access to our website
http://www.ncku.edu.tw/~ooia/eng/ to further the information and application materials. We are looking
forward to seeing you at NCKU campus.