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2013年3月25日 星期一

The International Bachelor Degree Program on Energy, National Cheng Kung University is accepting applications for admission

The International Bachelor Degree Program on Energy (IBDP-E), National Cheng Kung University (NCKU http://www.ncku.edu.tw)  has been offered since the fall semester of 2012. The core of the curriculum aims at Energy Science and Technology, a key aspect of Environmental Technologies. The curriculum of the IBDP-E is comprehensively co-organized by the faculties from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the College of Engineering. All courses of the IBDP-E are in English.


The IBDP-E Students will learn and be engaged in the study of Renewable Energy, Energy Saving Technologies, Intelligent Electricity Management, Energy Economy and Strategy, etc. The graduates from the IBDP-E are expected to develop further study or to start a career in Energy Saving Technologies, Solar Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, Fuel Cell, Bioenergy, Wind Power, Hydropower & Ocean Energy, Energy Economy and Energy Strategy and other types of Energy-related technologies based on their own professional competence.


The application period for Fall Semester 2013 is from January 10, 2013 to April 10, 2013, and the enrollment will be in September 2013. Please visit the IBDP-E website and find out more: http://ibdpe.iaa.ncku.edu.tw/Contents.aspx?ID=4&Culture=en-us  For more inquiries, please contact z10201043@email.ncku.edu.tw.