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2009年3月4日 星期三

ITRI International Graduate Student Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, Taiwan) Also, it is target to encourage outstanding international graduate students to study in Taiwan and help them to find their career in Taiwan.

Recipient receives scholarship NT$30,000 (USD$910) per month.

Duration of Award
(a) Master Program: Maximum 2 years
(b) Doctoral Program: Maximum 4 years


(a) Degree:Complete the degree of Master or Ph. D. degree within the term of the program
(b) Internship:Take an internship during summer vacations at ITRI before completing his/her graduate program
(c) Service Commitment:Serve at ITRI for maximum three years after graduation


Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:
(a) Apply for the following programs of National Yang- Ming University
¤ Microbiology and Immunology
¤ BioMedical Informatics
¤ Biophotonics
¤ Biomedical Engineering
¤ Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
¤ Oral Biology
(b) Is not an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national.
(c) Does not have the status of being an overseas compatriot student
(d) Is not a recipient of any other scholarship or subsidy offered by the Taiwan government or at any other educational institutions in Taiwan.

How to apply
When applying for the Degree study of Yang-Ming University, applicants just note it down in the application form. If the applicant qualified, he/she will be interviewed by the director of ITRI
Deadline 2009.03.31 (must be postmarked by March 31)
Contact Information
Ting-Yu Lu (tylu@ym.edu.tw)
TEL: 886-2-2826-7000# 2244
Website: http://issue.ym.edu.tw/cia/new/

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