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2009年2月25日 星期三

ITRI Graduate Scholarship Program (PhD)

If you are looking for the best development opportunity for yourself in the exciting technology frontier, this is the program to make your dream come true. The ITRI Graduate Scholarship Program offers foreign MS degree holders a comprehensive 4-year scholarship to pursue their Ph.D. in Taiwan, while joining collaborative research projects between Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and two outstanding science and technology universities, National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU) and National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU).

Why Join this Program?
‧Pursue your doctoral degree at either NCTU or NTHU, two world-class science and engineering universities.
‧Participate in the grand challenge research programs at ITRI, most prominently in interdisciplinary areas.
‧Work and learn with some of the most outstanding researchers in the world.
‧Connect with the top-notch high-tech companies and R&D institutes in Taiwan for employment opportunities.

What does this Program Offer?
‧Monthly scholarship of NT$30,000(~US$900).
‧Full tuition fees during the Ph.D. studies.
‧Additional research stipend when participating in dissertation research projects at ITRI
‧Employment opportunity at ITRI after graduation.

For more information
‧http://www.nthu.edu.tw/english/ind ex.php
‧Mr. Daniel King Tel: +886 3 591 7886
‧Ms. Hsiu-mei Chien Tel: +886 3 591 2994
‧Email :itriphd@itri.org.tw

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2009年2月23日 星期一

NCCU Asia-Pacific Master's Program

NCCU Asia-Pacific Master's Program was established to increase awareness and understanding of Taiwan and its role in Asia-Pacific as well as world affairs. We seek to improve our schools’ standards and international academic position through international academic interaction and cooperation. Our college has established the English taught Asia-Pacific research oriented masters’ degree program and the English taught doctoral program to attract outstanding professionals from Taiwan’s society as well as highly motivated international students.

NCCU Asia-Pacific Master's Program focuses on research related to the Asia-Pacific region. We hope outstanding public and private sector employees will return to school and combine their experience with academic theory and interact with international students from all over the world. We seek to cultivate an international viewpoint and foster international cooperation while improving our English ability. Our goal is to plant the seed of learning and develop cross-strait professionals who have both academic expertise and practical experience.

NCCU Asia-Pacific Master's and Doctoral program are the first completely English taught programs in Taiwan. We seek to recruit local and international students who have an interest in Asia-Pacific affairs. The doctoral program offers students cross-discipline and integrated research resources related to the Asia-Pacific region, it also provides research experience in Asia-Pacific as well as international issues. To help better cultivate experts in the field of Asia-Pacific research, we endeavor to make National Chengchi University and the College of Social Science into one of the world’s top Asia-Pacific research programs.

Submission of Application for international students:
IMAS/IDAS: February 16th, 2009 ~ April 15th, 2009
Review and Evaluation by Departments/ Institutes:
IMAS/IDAS: May 5th, 2009 ~ May 21st, 2009
Admission Results posted on NCCU Website:
IMAS/IDAS: June 5th, 2009
Admission brochure for international students 2009:

For more information about our programs, please refer to:



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2009年2月10日 星期二

2009 Admission for International Students of Yang-Ming University

Asis's leading biomedical research university- National Yang Ming University offers several programs for foreign students. Students joining NYMU’s creative environment will obtain stimulating education and participate in world-class research projects. Studying at NYMU opens up excellent career opportunities in both industry and academia.

Application Procedure for International students (PDF and Word Version)

Center of International Affairs
National Yang-Ming University

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2009年2月4日 星期三

International Nursing Master of Science Program

The International Nursing Master of Science Program at National Taipei College of Nursing (NTCN) is designed to broaden perspectives on international health and to cultivate research competence and leadership in nursing care. The curriculum aims to enhance a student’s knowledge and skills in professional role development, application of theory as a foundation for practice, and utilization of research to enhance one’s knowledge about health, illness, healthcare and nursing issues. This program now is sponsored by ICDF scholarship held by Taiwan International Cooperation and Development.

The program aims to provide a path towards professional development for licensed
registered nurses by concentrating on broadening students’ horizons of knowledge of
international health and human illnesses as well as cultivating research capacity and
leadership in nursing care. The students will earn the “Master of science (major in nursing)” degree from the Graduate Institute of School of Nursing after the two-year scholarship program is successfully completed.
Contact Person: Chris, Hsu
Tel: 886-2-28227101 ext.3306 or 2731
Fax: 886-2-28206729

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